Are you a people’s person?

There are different types of people, a funny one, a hardworking one, even an annoying one. But when you think someone is annoying there are also people who think that same person is interesting and fun to hang out with, and that’s what makes someone a “human” their personality and their uniqueness. Some people may be similar, maybe they look alike or have a same personality, but I pretty certain that every single person in this world have their own uniqueness. The differences between people can be the driving cause to make some group of people work great together, but the same differences could also make some group of people have their… well differences.

In this article I’m going to talk about People management specifically how to together work as a team.

People management

According to people management can be defined as

The process of training, motivating and directing employees in order to optimize workplace productivity and promote professional growth. Workplace leaders, such as team leads, managers and department heads use people management to oversee workflow and boost employee performance every day.

We can see that the way they explain people management is to increase productivity especially in the workplace. There they have several role like team leader, managers, etc. In our project specifically we don’t really have a role for the whole project, we usually switch roles whenever needed because we feel that it would be more efficient and would give more rounding experience for everyone on the team.

When we’re working we usually use discord or a group chat to communicate with each other since it’s the pandemic and we try to limit going out and gather, but we feel like we still need to gather once a while to get more understanding out of each other’s work and the gathering would also be useful to build the team workflow.

Skills for people management

  • Professional, when we’re working as a team it’s important to stay professional especially in this instance where me and my team are already friends before the project. We have to be able to differentiate when to joke around and when to be serious.
  • Being a team player, when working at a group project we can’t be selfish, we still need to help our team mates when they’re having a hard time since it’s a group project. The success of the project is determined by the group success not individual success.
  • Being empathetic, there’re times where one of our team mates is having problem with their work and could cost us some more time. In this instance we need to be empathetic and try to look from their point of view, try to understand that they’re trying their best as well.
  • Being accountable, when making mistakes in a group project we need to own our mistakes and try to be better. We can’t just pass the blame to someone else, if it’s our mistake then we should be accountable for it.
  • Communication, communication is key at any type of relationship, even work. If we don’t communicate with our team mates then our project is doomed.
  • Be respectful, after applying everything above of course the most important thing is to be respectful towards each other.

In my team I think we work really great together, maybe the fact that we’re friends before really helps us be more open around each other. We try to help each other when we have difficulties, and it really helps us finish our tasks faster.

Because we know each other pretty well we can also avoid irritating each other, the result is more open and healthy team dynamics.

That’s all for this article hopefully it has help you in your own team, Thank you for reading!



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